Friday, September 13, 2013

Starting Sunday, September 22nd!

Sundays on Blogger and Twitter:  Just Hogwash! - Myth Breakers to start your week off strong (a slow cup of Joe might be included)

Mondays on Twitter:  Mindful Monday - Memory tips to get people off your back

Tuesdays on Twitter:  Tipster Tuesday - Tips for aging defiantly (or gracefully - you choose)

Wednesdays on Blogger, Facebook and Twitter:  Wake Up Wednesday - Zombies make great game avatars... or, how to quit sleep walking after 50...

Thursdays on Twitter:  Power Thursday - EmPowerment tips for Boomers and Beyond

Fridays on Blogger, Facebook and Twitter: Dynamic Friday - A little something to fuel your weekend

Saturdays on Twitter:  Weekend Hogwash - Somethings should be put in their place

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