Wednesday, December 18, 2013



One of the best ways to help your brain be more fit, is to make sure your mind is receiving good nutrition for better brain function.  The basics for eating a nutritious diet that’s good for your brain include the following: 

  • Drink half your body weight in non carbonated, preferably spring, water
  • Drink green tea
  • Know what the right weight is for your body type and eat as many calories as it takes to maintain that weight
  • Know what foods you are allergic to and avoid eating them
  • Consume fresh, unprocessed, local foods
  • Eat unsaturated fats, especially foods high in omega-3
  • Eat complex carbohydrates and low-glycemic foods
  • Use only natural sweeteners
  • Limit caffeine
  • Reduce salt intake and only use sea salt
  • Eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day

The key to a great brain diet is to put the emphasis on nutrition.  Think of food as fuel for your head and body instead of thinking of food as a reward, escape or event. 

If you’re serious about eating to remember, you should know that certain herbs and spices help promote brain health:  Turmeric, Saffron extract, Sage and Cinnamon.

Eat thoughtfully, slowly and chew thoroughly.  Start your day with a good breakfast and then continuously snack throughout your day to keep your blood sugar levels up and even.

Dr. Daniel G. Amen’s Change Your Brain Change Your Body

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