Wednesday, November 6, 2013



Today, with so much media bombardment, aging gracefully can be daunting.  Aging with joy seems like flying in the face of conventional wisdom.  And it is!  Because conventional wisdom has fallen behind in the advancements made in science, medicine and technology in the area of aging.  Buried deep in our subconscious are the remnants of out dated, unadventurous thinking which prevents most of us from embracing the here-and-now and becoming open to new possibilities about aging. 

Aging celebrates life.  It reflects biological transitions and reflects cultural and societal trends.  In keeping with the concept that aging is the art of joy in action, I have published several poetry books for the Silver Generation from a personal perspective and dedicated to the last phase of life:  Changing Landscapes of Our Lives; Scenes From a Summer Home, and, Fear, Trembling & Renewal.  

My body of work is inspirational and insightful, shedding light about the wonders of aging and reflecting on how our subconscious mind plays a big part in how we experience aging.  In "Scenes From a Summer Home," I explore the changing and undefined boundaries between time and space, and between beginnings and endings.  “Fear, Trembling & Renewal," is about breaking through old paradigms to achieve new insights and perspectives about aging and life.  While my latest book, “Changing Landscapes of Our Lives,” is a collaborative work and one that rejoices in the process of life itself.

Regardless of your gender, race, religion, status, and so on - how you perceive, how you experience aging - begins in your mind.  So I ask you:  How do you think about aging?

Joseph Murphy’s, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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