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Is there a better subject to learn than aging?  Perhaps.  But for me there isn’t. That’s why I wrote Aging Gracefully With Dignity, Integrity & Spunk Intact: Aging Defiantly.  With psychology, sociology, science, medicine and technology on my side, I know what’s in store for the Silver Generation and boy is it exciting!  So instead of wishing we could reverse aging, we can rejoice and embrace it. 

If you’re wondering who influenced my writing, I can tell you that there were 5 prominent authors whose work had the most impact on my book and who changed my perception about aging.  For starters, I was enthralled by the famous social psychologist, Erik Erikson and his wife, Joan, as well as their collaboration with Helen Q. Kivnick.  Together, their work on aging and society opened my heart and mind to a whole new level of self exploration and understanding about aging and the aging process.  I was fascinated with the Erikson’s research which outlines a productive and rich life in later years while exposing social hogwash that we as a society have bought into.  I also enjoyed Eric Berne’s classic book, "Games People Play."  (And boy, do people like to mess with anyone over 50.  Berne’s book is where I got the idea to include the 10 tips to get people off your back.)   And the fifth author who inspired me was Norman Vincent Peale, writer of the ever popular, “The Power of Positive Thinking,” which supports the importance of using humor.

I relied on the scientific data from the Society for Neuroscience (SFN), Harvard Magazine, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Scientific American, and so on.  I read university papers from Brown and Cornell on human development; disease regenerative biology, cellular/molecular/bio engineering, biomedical mechanics, physics, chemistry, computers, and on and on.

Empower yourself about aging.  You hold the key to make it be.  Read, listen and learn.  It’s never too late to improve yourself.

Erikson, Erik H., Erikson, Joan M., and Kivnick, Helen Q. Vital Involvement in Old Age
Eric Berne’s classic book, Games People Play  
Norman Vincent Peale, writer of the ever popular, The Power of Positive Thinking

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